DITA and DocBook authoring

jAuthor is software for technical documentation authoring. It supports DITA and DocBook standards, offers build-in support for DITA-OT and XMLmind, it's simple and easy to use.

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jAuthor offers flexible collaborative process that allows everyone involved in the authoring process to work together in order to produce documentation in the fastest and most efficient way.

DITA and DocBook support

jAuthor is an authoring tool that offers support for the most commonly used architectures for authoring, producing and delivering technical information.


jAuthor runs on Windows, Linux and Mac operating systems. It also allows you to write documentation both in the web browser or using desktop application.


As an authoring system jAuthor offers the following features:

Collaborative authoring

Collaboration is important for a fast and efficient authoring process. jAuthor allows to have multiple authors working on the same documentation independently and simultaneously thus speeding up the process of writing documentation.

Authoring in the web browser or using desktop application

Depending on the need and preference jAuthor can be used in a web browser or with a desktop application installed on the user's computer.

Version control

Version control is mandatory when authoring content. It provides a history of all changes made to the content, which allows to roll-back to a specific change when needed.

Content reuse

Reusing content is extremely useful, especially when used with structured content authoring. It speeds up the process of writing documentation, eliminating the need to copy or rewrite content that is already available and can be reused.

Full-Text search

Allows users to search for specific texts in all the available documentation.

Workflow management

Workflow management is especially useful when combined with collaborative authoring and content reuse. Specific workflow can be defined for each documentation unit which provides advanced and flexible control over its authoring. This allows to automate many of the authoring steps and also perform additional processing.

Publication management

Provides an easy way to start and control publication process(es) with the desired publication toolkits and output formats( with built-in support for DITA-OT and XMLmind ).

Translation management

Provides an easy and automated way to translate available documentation into different languages.

Publication server

Publication is usually where all the content processing takes place which is time consuming especially with large amounts of content. Having a dedicated publication server is a great way of speeding up your publication process.


Allows to run multiple authoring processes on a single server. Single servers can be shared with other teams or other organizations thus saving physical resources and maintenance time.

LDAP integration

jAuthor can be configured to use an existing LDAP setup for authentication and authorization of users in the authoring system.

Custom content authoring

jAuthor is an authoring tool, that can be easily configured to be used for any other non-DITA/non-DocBook type of structured or non-structured documentation authoring.
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Multi-database support

Supports most popular relational databases as well as NoSQL (jAuthor 2.0 and above)


jAuthor runs on Windows, Linux and Mac operating systems (desktop application)

jAuthor is a software system for online documentation authoring that uses XML to store documentation. This makes it easy to process the documentation and convert (publish) it into other formats such as PDF, HTML, DOC, ODT and many others. However, jAuthor is also able to store any other non-XML content such as plain text, images, video files and others.

jAuthor is a perfect fit for organizations that need to write documentation for complex products that require collaborative authoring with many technical writers.

The following diagramm gives an overview of jAuthor authoring system.

jAuthor authoring tool - overview

jAuthor tries to be simple, convenient, powerful and effective. It runs on Windows, Linux and Mac.


jAuthor WebDoc is a storage and document viewing platform.

jAuthor WebDoc allows you to:

  • import your documentation produced with jAuthor authoring tool (for example html output from DITA project).
  • view your documentation.
  • post comments to your documentation.
  • search in your documentation.
  • download your documentation in other formats (PDF, DOC, etc.).
  • print out your documentation.


Pricing depends on the jAuthor system you choose to use. You have the following options:

System hosted in your own organization.


  • * 24/7 Tech Support
System hosted by other company (hosting-provider).


  • 24/7 Tech Support
** System shared with other organizations (multi-tenancy).


  • 24/7 Tech Support
jAuthor Lite
(Free online DITA/DocBook authoring tool)


  • * 24/7 Tech Support

* remote access needs to be provided.

** you share a single server with other organizations. Your data is on the same server along with their data but you do not have access to it, as also they do not have access to yours.

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