Frequently Asked Questions

jAuthor is currently free software. Please check the Pricing section for more details.

Can I use jAuthor to create documentation that does not require DITA or DocBook standards?
Yes, you can use jAuthor to create any kind of documentation, even such one that is not in XML format. However that might require integrating a new editor in jAuthor or a new publication module if you want to publish it into other formats.

Can I use jAuthor as a storage system for our company documents, like Word or Excel documents?
Yes, absolutely. You will be able to easily search for them, index their content and search in it, have the documents under version control and some other benefits.

How serious is jAuthor? Who is using it?
jAuthor is a serious project and is being actively developed. It is used by several small organizations and individual technical writers.

What about support?
You can contact us for support. We can not always respond as quickly as necessary but we try to do our best.